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Communications for the National Day of Action Campaign for Early Learning and Child Care

In fall 2023, LeBlanc (& co.) Communications supported the National Day of Action Campaign for Early Learning and Child Care.

In fall 2023, LeBlanc (& co.) Communications supported the National Day of Action Campaign for Early Learning and Child Care.

Led by our client Child Care Now, the campaign focussed on increasing access to child care by highlighting the challenge that hundreds of thousands of Canadian families face — being unable to secure child care when they need it, due to a severe shortage in child care spaces in Canada.

The campaign drew attention to the need to solve the workforce crisis in child care — which is caused by low wages and poor working conditions — in order to ensure that all families can access child care when they need it.


LeBlanc (& co.) Communications supported our client, Child Care Now, with planning and rolling out the campaign. Our support included communications, particularly communications strategy, graphic design and illustration, media relations, and content creation.

Child Care Now and their provincial affiliates are trailblazing advocates for accessible, nonprofit, universal child care.

Child Care Now approached us for help with their National Day of Action campaign communications. After building a strategy and developing key messaging, we worked with their team to create and launch an open letter to the federal government that received over 6,000 signatures. The success of this letter and overall campaign was owed to the strong foundation that child care activists built over decades of tireless work.

By leveraging the reach of provincial affiliates and activists across the country, the National Day of Action received over 30 media hits in various media outlets.

We were also thrilled to support Child Care Now on their campaign’s visual identity. We created custom illustrations to create a unique “look and feel” for the campaign. The graphics worked seamlessly alongside Child Care Now’s existing visual brand identity, while bringing a distinct brand to the National Day of Action content.

To help families and activists across the country participate in the campaign, we helped Child Care Now create a toolkit to spark engagement with the National Day of Action. The toolkit provided social media content, the open letter, and printable materials including buttons and a poster.


Working with Kathryn LeBlanc and her team on this project was such a positive experience — one of the best collaborations our organization has had.

“The communications strategy was brilliantly conceived and executed. LeBlanc (& co.) Communications provided us with the tools we needed to get our campaign messages across to the audiences we needed to reach. The campaign captured the attention of policy makers and the media. We engaged thousands of people who had not previously taken action for child care, and we significantly increased our list of potential donors. I recommend without hesitation this effective communications firm to other groups that want to make a big impact.”

Morna Ballantyne
Executive Director of Child Care Now