LeBlanc (& co.) is a strategic communications firm.


Your communications strategy is either propelling your success — or holding you back.

And when there's constant demand for communications, your team can't work proactively.

And when there's constant demand for communications, your team can't work proactively.

We deliver a Communications Strategy + Message Guide package to our clients to help them strengthen their communications strategy and brand, clarify their messaging, and reach their audiences.

This is our signature service because it provides the biggest transformation for our nonprofit clients.

In this package, we create two foundational strategy documents for your organization:

– A Message Guide that refines your organizational messaging
– A Communications Strategy that outlines your objectives and audiences and how you will reach them

You need a strategic Communications Strategy that helps you reach your social impact goals.

When you're ready to...

Sway public opinion and gain champions that promote your cause.
Position your organization for success with funders.
Use storytelling to show stakeholders your work is valuable and impactful.
Equip your team with brand management training so they can think strategically.

LeBlanc (& co.) will to get you from:

Missing opportunities

connecting with your audience

Stagnant growth

supporters championing your cause

Disjointed messaging

a consistent and memorable brand

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The moment you show us behind the curtain, your mission becomes our mission.

Kathryn LeBlanc is a social impact communications expert and Principal Consultant at LeBlanc (& co.). She has worked with the media alongside politicians, led nonprofit communications teams, and she has led communications to work on local, national, and international levels, giving her a deep understanding of engaging stakeholders across the political landscape.

Her communications strategies will strengthen your team's ability to skill set, get you organized, and be equipped with messaging that matters to your audience, so you can make a meaningful difference in the world.

The moment you show us behind the curtain, your mission becomes our mission.

Let’s get your story out there

"Working with LeBlanc & Co. has been an absolute pleasure. With dozens of programs and services and a wide target audience, we were struggling to be consistent in how we were telling the story of the work we do in a consistent, appealing way. The strategies and plans that Kathryn created with us made an immediate impact on our reach and our voice, while also opening up time for deeper and more meaningful work. Kathryn knows her stuff, knows nonprofits, and knows how to take your organization’s communications to the next level."

Curran Stikuts, Director, of Advocacy & Strategic Communications at The 519

What to Expect

About Your Communications Strategy

In your Communications Strategy, our team will assess the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your communications presence.

We will provide our comprehensive feedback on your communications strategy, including on these elements:

  • Your overall organizational brand and narrative
  • Your communications team’s structure and processes
  • Program messaging
  • Visual brand identity
  • Editorial planning
  • Public affairs
  • Social media
  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Marketing efforts for programs

Here is what your organization will accomplish with your new Communications Strategy:

Here is what your organization will accomplish with your new Communications Strategy:
  • Defining what your dream brand would look like — and planning how your team will get there
  • Establishing communications objectives that feed into your organization-wide goals — and planning how you will achieve them
  • Defining your target audiences and how you will reach them
  • Receiving expert guidance on communications for your upcoming projects
  • Finding clarity in your communications priorities
  • Helping you identify what is and what isn’t working in your communications, so you can focus on what matters
  • Streamlining your team’s communications processes, policies, and team structures so you can carve out more time for strategic thinking and work that tangibly builds your brand
  • Planning for all areas of this field — communications, marketing PR, advocacy, and content — and ensuring that all areas dovetail into an integrated Communications Plan

Your Communications Strategy will be accompanied by an important supporting piece: a Message Guide that will help refine and tell your story

Your organization will benefit from your new Message Guide by:

  • Ensuring that your messaging is tight, clear, and strategic, as this is a foundational requirement for successful marketing and communications
  • Defining your brand voice
  • Reviewing your elevator pitch
  • Refining your other key organizational messages
  • Outlining and refining key messages for each of your programs, initiatives, and advocacy campaigns
  • Refining your organization’s ‘origin story’
  • Codifying your messaging so you can ensure that your team, including new staff and board members, are able to properly communicate all areas of your brand
  • If required, providing guidance on the messaging in your organizational mission, vision, and values

Our work is grounded in our theory of change. We help you build your brand, fulfill your mission, and reach your social impact goals.

Kathryn LeBlanc

Communications Strategy

This service is for you if you need to...

This service is for you if you need to...
  • Learn why your current communications aren't performing as expected
  • Strengthen your messaging and communicate consistently
  • Set key performance indicators to measure the performance of your communications activities so you can optimize the strategy over time
  • Generate qualified leads who connect with your story and purpose
  • Position your organization to secure the funding you need
  • Improve your digital communications and media relations tactics

A glimpse of what to expect:

Communications audit
Identifying your communications goals
Messaging that resonates
Digital and traditional media strategies

With the LeBlanc (& co.) method, we'll create a Communications Strategy that will help you:

  • Build your brand
  • Fulfil your mission
  • And increase your social impact
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