LeBlanc (& co.) is a strategic communications firm.

Brand Design for Social Impact

Using brand design to help you communicate your message and propel your mission forward

We support social impact organizations with brand design and design for campaigns

To build cutting-edge social impact brands, Our Brand Director and Lead Designer, Shannon Hawn, leads our design process and our Principal Consultant, Kathryn LeBlanc, leads our strategy.

Read our campaign design case study for the National Day of Action for Child Care and Early Learning

The objective of our Brand Guides is simple: to unite all of your materials under a new, recognizable, and cohesive “look and feel”.

Developing a robust, formal brand guide will further your organization’s goal of having a more cohesive and professional feel to the organization, which will help grow your visibility, advocacy, and fundraising efforts.

With stronger visual branding, we'll help your organization:

  • Build your brand
  • Fulfil your mission
  • And increase your social impact
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